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National & European Champion

Christine was born on 23 September 1977 in Burgdorf. After graduating from high school, she began a commercial apprenticeship programme with the municipal government in Heimiswil. At Interdiscount AG in Jegenstorf, she spent nine years gaining experience and honing her skills in the in the field of finance. Since 2007 she has been in security business , responsible for the accounts of various subsidiaries. 

Prior to 2007, Christine had very little to do with shooting, apart from taking part in a 300m shooting course for young people. She learned about dynamic IPSC shooting by coincidence from a colleague, which made a lasting impression on her. She has been intensively training ever since, participating in various competitions at home and abroad. Besides gaining nine Swiss championship titles, her most successful moments to date in dynamic shooting came when she took third place at the European Championship in Portugal in 2013, Vice World Champion in the Production Division in Florida in 2014, becoming European Champion in Standard Division in Hungary 2016 and of course winning the World Championship 2017 in France, also in Standard Division.

Dominic was born on 8 August 1969 in Bern. After completing school, he underwent vocational training as a machine mechanic at the automotive company AEBI in Burgdorf and worked in customer service after performing his military service. In 2007 he began a new career, becoming a financial services manager with Swiss Life, where he continues to work in sales, serving corporate and private clients alike.

He discovered his passion for shooting at an early age. Starting with an air rifle and later moving on to 300m precision shooting, Dominic discovered Dynamic shooting in 1990. Thanks to his good results, he was invited to join the Swiss national team at the end of 1993, which he still belongs to today. With 12 national championship titles to his name and over a hundred wins in national and international competitions, Dominic is one of the most successful IPSC shooters in Switzerland. In 2019 he finished at European Championships in Serbia 2. place in Open Senior Categorie.



Sports Gun

Christine has been using the Limited Custom XTREME from Tanfoglio in caliber .40 S&W since 2015. The model used mainly corresponds to the original ex works, only the thumb rest and the UNCIA grips have been added.

In the Open Division, Dominic has been relying on the Tanfoglio XTREME version since 2014, the current model is the Domina in caliber .38 Super Auto. A Stock II Optic ready is in use in the Production Optics Division.

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Brass .40 S&W

Bullet TC .401 180 gr
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Brass .38 SA RL

Bullet TMJ 123gn
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Christine's statistics

Dominic's statistics

Christine's top results

European Championship 2019, Serbia
Vice European Champion Standard Lady

World Shoot 2017, France
World Champion Standard Lady

European Championship 2016, Hungary
European Champion Standard Lady

World Shoot 2014, USA
2th place Production Lady

European Championship 2013, Portugal
3th place Production Lady

Swiss National Champion Lady Standard
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022

Swiss National Champion Lady Production
2011, 2013, 2014, 2015

Dominic's top results

European Championship 2023, Greece
European Champion Open Senior Team

European Championship 2019, Serbia
Vice European Champion Open Senior

Swiss National Champion Open
1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

Swiss National Champion Modified

European Championship 1995
3th place Team Open

Winner of Handgunner Postalmatch

Calendar 2024

04.02.2024    Munich Open               GER
17.03.2024     Ironhands                     GER
06.04.2024    Warm Up                        ITA
21.04.2024     PSC Open                      GER
11.05.2024     Champagne Trophy     FRA

19.05.2024     Infinite Open                 GER
31.05.2024     French Nationals         FRA
22.06.2024    Extreme Euro Open    CZE
13.07.2024     Guns and Roses          GER
14.07.2024     Rooster Mountain       DEN

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